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Welcome to the Official Website of Loren Harms and StorytellerEntertainment.


Hey, again!

I don't know if I can keep up the energy for this little word to the wise (or if it's actually necessary by the laws of thermodynamics and Sissy Spacek) but I'll give it a go anywho.

Uhm, so... how yah doing.  Good?  Well that's... great.  Me?  I'm good.  How are the kids...

And scene.

The most important thing this week is the fact that I have "done up" the website a little and not the children.  Not that children are bad.  They're quite good in fact.  Like little bottle rockets of joy.

But bottle rockets are bad.  Aren't they.  They give you third degree burns in your nethers for all to see and laugh at you while you cry like a little girl and...

So, here are my pics and photographs...


Lorenzo (03/21/06)


Hello, all!

This is Loren Harms here talking to you from a computer... somewhere.  Out there.  Beneath the great blue sky.  I won't bore you any more with my Fievel impressions.  I know, sad.  But still.  This is the first time I have actually tried to edit my own webpage, website, or significant other.

Not that I am trying to edit a "significant other".  I wouldn't do such a thing.  For that matter, I don't even have a "significant other".  Not that I wouldn't like an "other".  Just not an "Other" like in Lost... Then, again.

Did I mention that I have had a stroke and was beaten over the head with a rare species from the baboon family.  No that is not true.  About the baboon, I mean.  Not the stroke.  The stroke is true and...

So, here is to my website.


Lorenzo (03/14/06)



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